Freshen up room:

Freshen up room

Everything went well at the church and you arrived at the hall, where your guests are waiting for you. There is only one problem, and that’s the hairstyle which is ruined from your last hag with Uncle John. Don’t worry about it.

Your wedding really begins when you put your wedding dress on. You need to be in a beautiful room for that moment, surrounded by your best friends and closest family members. This room becomes your bridal dressing room before the wedding, spacious enough for your bridesmaids.

We can offer you a room that provides all the necessary for the unexpected. From needles, crewel, scissors, to hair spray, and glue for your heels.

Apart from these, the room is equipped with sofa, dining table, personal WC, and is air-conditioned.

In this room you can leave your presents, freshen up, rest, or even sleep your “small” friends.